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Manufactured by J.H. Peters & Bey of Hamburg, Germany. This is a Huge Ships Signalling Light Used Aboard German Naval or Merchant Vessels. Still Has Remnants of Gray Paint Used in the Kaiserliche Marine and Kriegsmarine. Clear Magnifying Lense with Fully Functional On/Off Shutter. Single Wick Gives Off Plenty of Illumination. Made of Tin and Copper - Maker Marks. - #19
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Important Note: All of the navigation lights offered here at The Pirate's Lair have been scrubbed clean and free of all accumulated black soot, any oil or kerosene residue, sea salt, grease and grime, and loose oxidation! Unless otherwise noted each nautical lantern, navigation light, or signal lamp have all been tested for leaks with a colorless and odorless lamp oil of which there may be remnants found in the oil reservoir and wick. There is nothing worse than getting years of accumulated black soot from burnt kerosene, or ships grease and grime on a wall or flooring. The navigation lights which you purchase from The Pirate's Lair will be ready for your use and display as there will be no need for you to first get any special industrial cleansers or caustic degreasers and special rubber gloves or cleaning utensils to first remove any of the aforementioned cleaning issues. Unless otherwise noted some crew mechanisms may be rusty and prevent wick operation. It's all done first as part of our service and price here at The Pirate's Lair!

Perfect Gift for the Nautical or Waterfront Home or Business! Antique Ships Navigation Lights Make a Perfect Gift for the Collector of Nautical and Naval Antiques. A beautiful Accent Piece in Any Home. Can Be Hung From the Cieling, Placed on a Shelf or Desk, Makes a Great Bookend, or Mounted as a Wall Sconce.

J.H. Peters & Bey Hamburg Germany Large Blue Water Signal Light J.H. Peters & Bey Hamburg Germany Large Blue Water Signal Light

J.H. Peters & Bey Hamburg Germany Large Blue Water Signal Light J.H. Peters & Bey Hamburg Germany Large Blue Water Signal Light

Note the open and closed shutter in above photographs.

"Huge" J.H. Peters & Bey, Hamburg, Germany Ships Signal Light or Lamp - #19
Dimensions: 16" high x 6.5" wide Weight: 7 lb. Large Single Wick Burner. Has Model or Serial Number 2894 on Both the Body, Burner, and Scratched Onto Lense. Produced completely with Tin and Copper. Dent on Front Near Lense But Does Not Affect Function, Just Adds to the Character of the Light. Possibly WWI or WWII Naval Vintage as the Tin Body still had remnants of a gray-green paint used by the Kaiserlich Marine and Kriegsmarine. Made of Tin and Copper, Maker Mark badges, and burner. The On/Off shutter works easily and wmoothly even after all of these years. Who knows on what German ship this signalling light was on during the war!? This signalling lamp would have been used on ocean going blue water German navy ships or large merchant vessels to signal other ships at sea when radio telegraph was inopportune. The single wick burner puts out a substantial amount of illumination along with the magnifying effect of the lense this produces quite a bit of light that can be seen for miles. Fully Tested and Functional. Odorless testing oil has been drained after testing. Existing wick or replacement will be shipped with light.
J.H. Peters & Bey Ships Signalling Light
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Please Read. First, these are the real deal vintage and antique navigation lights used aboard commercial merchant vessels and naval ships, with most dating between 50 and 110 years old well before even the most rudimentary safety standards were in place. Most of these navigation lights, lamps, and lanterns are kerosene oil burners and some have been retro-fitted and electrified to use a standard 60W, 110V 15amp household light. As with any antique or vintage item there is no warranty as to safety or workmanship meeting contemporary standards. As is our standard procedure, this navigation light has been tested and found to be functional. Odorless testing oil has been drained from the oil reservoir after testing but small amounts may still be present which could present a fire hazard. The oil burner will be shipped with wick already placed within the oil burner. Any electrification or modifications done to this item will not be in accordance with any UL testing or adherence and may present an electrical hazard. The item is being sold "as is" and may require re-wiring or electrical inspection by a qualified electrician at the purchasers expense and liability. Caution must be taken when operating any of these oil burning lights due to the inherent fire hazard of the flammable liquid and potential spills. Note that this naval or nautical navigation light was originally meant to be used with a flammable liquid (kerosene) and regularly maintained aboard a ship at sea on a daily basis by sailors familiar with this type of equipment. It is considered to be antique and its actual use as designed in a contemporary home environment presents a potential electrical or fire hazard which The Pirate's Lair cannot be made responsible. By purchasing this item the purchaser accepts full responsibility and liability of the operation and maintenance of this navigation light.

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ANY TEXT BELOW THIS LINE IS SOLEY FOR THE BENEFIT OF SEARCH BOTS, SPYDERS AND OTHER DENIZENS OF THE DEEP DARK SEA INTERNET This Antique Naval and nautical light used as a red port light, green or blue starboard light, or clear for mast light or anchor light is the perfect nautical gift for that naval or nautical decor