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RAREST of the RARE! A Stunningly Beautiful US Navy Senior Officers Dinner Plate! First Authorized US Navy Dinnerware Pattern with Bright Gold Eagle with Federal Banner Clutching a Fouled Anchor. Only Used for the MOST Senior Ranking Officers - Certainly Aboard Dewey's Spanish-American War Armada! Museum Quality Condition! This is no "restaurantware" grade china typically associated with Navy or Military dinnerware with the pattern originally produced Haviland and Co. in Limoge, France!


Antique US Dept of the Navy Serving Dish or Receiving Plate PATTERN HISTORY TO DATE:

This particular US Navy pattern has three documented dates of production (1894, 1897, 1898) by two independent china manufacturers and a well known established china distributor of the time. This was no orphan pattern but included a full complement of dinnerware as well as crystal decanters, goblets and glasses all topmarked by the Eagle with Federal Banner clutching the 19th Century rendition of the fouled naval anchor! This pattern has sometimes been found with a star to the left and right of the eagle which we believe represents the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and not the rank of Rear Admiral.

The first pieces found and obtained by The Pirate's Lair to date are a HUGE 24" Fish Server, 3 Dinner Plates, Demitasse Cup, Coffe Mug with Handle, Side Bowl, and Large Crystal Decanter! This pattern was originally manufactured in Limoges, France by the Haviland & Co for the dinnerware distributor James M. Shaw Co. of New York who had a contract with the U.S. Navy for this particular china pattern. The various china pieces obtained were all backstamped with both manufacturer and distributor names along with the production date, 1894! It should also be noted here that the James Shaw Co. was a significant dinnerware contractor to the US Navy from the 1890s through to about 1920!

The Pirate's Lair then obtained pieces of the exact same pattern, identical in every way including the manufacturer/distributor backstamps except the date was changed to 1898! This new information certainly gave credence of a standardized and approved US Navy pattern (and was not an orphan) which spanned at least two production dates four years apart with both serving pieces and regularly used flatware. Further solidifying that this was a standard issue dinnerware pattern used in very senior officers mess was the obtaining of a perfect museum quality crystal "georgian-style" decanter which had etched onto one side the exact same Eagle, Federal Banner Clutching Anchor insignia topmark and on the reverse side the monogrammed initials U.S.N. in 19th century script!

However the final "coup de resistance" in establishing this as a significant US Navy authorized pattern of dinnerware was obtaining a dinner plate identical in every way except that the manufacture backstamp was "O.P.C.O. Syracuse China" which was used between 1896 and 1920s. This is imperical evidence that this was a seriously established pattern now produced by a well known china manufacturer here in the United States!

Antique US Navy Dinner Plate 1898 OPCO Syracuse China Antique US Navy Dinner Plate 1898 OPCO Syracuse China

Antique US Navy Dinner Plate 1898 OPCO Syracuse China

Antique US Navy Dinner Plate 1898 OPCO Syracuse China

RAREST of the RARE! US Navy 9" Dinner Plate, 1897
Museum Quality Condition - Spanish-American War and Great White Fleet Era! Very First US Navy Authorized Dinnerware Pattern for the Senior Officers Mess! - Perfect Gift for a Naval Officer or Naval Antique Collector!
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Used in Senior Officer's Mess. Manufacturer backstamped "OPCO Syracuse China" which was used by the Syracuse China between 1896-1920 and impress dated on the back 1897!
Folks, it doesn't get any more rarer than this!

Spanish-American War and Great White Fleet era
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