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Ca 1920's to 1946 Authentic Post-Revolution Russian Navy Red Fleet Dinner Plate. This Russian Navy Officer's Wardroom Dinnerware Has a Topmark with the Initials RKVMF Translating to "Workers-Peasants Maritime Navy Fleet"

Absolutely beautiful! Has the traditional stylized Russian fouled anchor in a purplish-blue with a large and small band circling the outer rim indicating that this was produced for the ocean going Russian Navy fleet.

russian navy 1920's to 1946 dinner plate The rarity and uniqueness of Soviet or Russian Navy Dinnerware and Tableware as marked cannot be overly stressed or underestimated, especially given that it is the first-ever produced dinnerware for the newly created Workers and Peasants Navy! This was even before the creation of the USSR which was established in 1946 after the defeat of Germany and the dominion of Russia over Eastern Europe!

The very nature of post-revolution Russia's politcal and social structure was that everyone was considered to be of equal stature, including officer's and enlisted.

However, reality has shown that even in the Peoples and Peasants Republic the Senior Naval Officer's received special treatment, such as fine porcelain dinnerware!

Not much of Russian or Soviet Navy dinnerware survived the wars and revolutionary changes of the 20th century. First, Russia's Fleet and Navy from 1919 up to and including WWII was both small in numbers and in importance and mainly consisted of small coastal patrol craft, certainly not the ocean going trans-world fleet it possessed during the 1960's through to it's collapse in 1991.

Second, Russia's main focus from 1919 to 1945 was to survive as a country and political entity, much of it's infrastructure was destroyed during WWII and it's financial focus was not producing dinnerware for a small bunch of coastal ships, so not much of Naval dinnerware was produced and what was made was certainly destroyed or lost during WWII.

Third, in the late 1930's the Russian Navy was renamed from the RKKF to the RKVMF to enhance it's name recognition, not necessarilly it's size or strategic importance. Obviously any dinnerware made after the name change would reflect the initials RKVMF. Then after WWII in 1946 Russia was absorbed into what was known as the USSR or Soviet Republic until it's collapse in 1991. Again the Russian Navy changed it's name to the Soviet Navy and aptly renamed itself from the RKVMF to the VMF. So after 1946 any dinnerware made used the initials VMF.

So from items that were very rare to begin have now become even more difficult to locate and are now possibly only able to be found as personal possessions of sailor's who snagged them upon their discharge as memorabilia from their time in the Soviet or Russian Navy. However this post-Russian Revolution navy plate was very likely taken and saved by a Russian Naval Officer as a personal keepsake after his dishcarge in the 1920's to 1930's.

This Russian Naval Red Fleet bowl in particular, as well as similar post-revolution Russian Navy dinnerware in general, is a must for any serious Russian Revolution, WWII or Cold War Collector of Naval Militaria! Click Here For More Information on The Russian Navy and Soviet Red Fleet names and acronyms from Wikipeadia

1920's to 1945 WWII Russian Navy Dinner Plate - Style #3
Beautiful! Has the Traditional Russian Fouled Anchor and Striping with initials RKVMF which stands for Raboche-Krest'yanskaya Voyenno-Morskoy Flot which translates to "Workers-Peasants Military Maritime Fleet" of Russia
1920-1945 WWII Red fleet Russian Navy Dinner PlateClick Photo!
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