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Authentic NP Ames US Navy Model M1841 Naval Cutlass with Rack Number 56 Stamped onto Brass Hilt!

mexican war naval ames cutlass m1841
Antique Mexican-American War and Civil War era . RARE! Over 160 Years Old! Only 6600 Ever Manufactured From 1841 to 1847. Overall a fantastic piece with no damage whatsoever. There is absolutely minimal pitting on the blade with two battle nicks! An overall dark patina as should be seen and expected. The Brass Hilt, Fish Scale Grip, and Pommel have an even aged patina and are in excellent condition.

The Military Inspection and Arsenal Marks on the Reverse Ricasso are Clearly Read "USN, 1845, R". On the Obverse Ricasso the Manufacturer Mark only the "N.P. A" is left visible. The Military Inspectors Initials "JL" and "RC" are clearly Visible on the Quillon of the Guard. The Federal Eagle is also Clearly Seen on both sides of the Pommel on this Cutlass and is quite striking. MOST RARE is the "No 56" stamped into the inside guard of the grip which indicates the rack number of this cutlass aboard a ship! Based upon this rack number and two battle nicks on the blade this particular cutlass has seen action!

The M1841 Naval Cutlass had an overall length of 26.5" while the straight dual edged blade was at 21" and resembled the Roman Legionaires short sword. Had an all brass hilt with a grip resembling fish scales or feathers with a D-style knuckleguard and cup. The pommel had the Federal Eagle on both the right and left sides. All in all an exceptional US Navy M1841 Cutlass!

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mexican war naval ames cutlass m1841

mexican war ames navy cutlass model m1841 Antique mexican war ames navy cutlass model m1841

ames naval cutlass m1841 with rack number 56 stamped on hilt Antique ames naval cutlass m1841 stamped usn 1845 rc

M1841 Ames Naval Cutlass #8
Rare US Naval Cutlass with STAMPED RACK NUMBER "No 56" on the inside guard so as to be visible when stored for shipboard use! Based upon this rack number and the two battle nicks on the blade the indication is that this particular cutlass has seen action!! Only 6600 were ever produced from 1841-1847! The arsenal marks "USN 1845 R" clearly visible on the reverse ricasso. Only the "NP A" maker mark is visible on the obverse side. The military inspector initials "JL" and "RC" are also clearly visible on each side of the quillon. The Federal Eagle Motif is very clear and plainly visible on either side of the pommel. No scabbard. Blade and tip are in very condition with some very minimal pitting, and two battle nicks on the blade, with an overall dark patina as to be expected. No damage or rust whatsoever.
Antique Ames Model M1841 naval cutlass used during Mexican War
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These Handcrafted Wooden Wall Brackets or Wall Mounts Are Made for the Wide and Large Hilts Normally Found on Cutlasses and Some Swords and Prevent the Hilt or Cup From Touching the Wall. The TPL Wall Brackets Come Complete with 2 Brackets and 2 Mounting Screws, and are Available in 3 Sizes with a Choice of Oak or Walnut Woods!
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ANY TEXT BELOW THIS LINE IS SOLEY FOR THE BENEFIT OF SEARCH BOTS, SPYDERS AND OTHER DENIZENS OF THE DEEP DARK SEA INTERNET These Antique Naval Cutlass or Navy Swords were used by the US Navy and Marine During the Civil War throughout the mid to late 19th Century and early to mid 20th Century, up until WWII. These Antique Nautical pieces of equipment were multi-purpose to repel boarders, part of landed naval militia for use below decks in the berthing spaces
Manufactured by the Ames Manufacturing Company of Chicopee, Mass they had that famous pirate look.